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The studio


ism studios is dedicated to producing high quality audio. We believe that unique and exceptional sound is integral to creating projects that truly stand out.

We strive for a warm friendly atmosphere to make the audio process as smooth as possible for our clients.

Our specialties include sound design, composition and mixing for television and radio, commercials, promos, pre-roll, long form, corporate and online videos, apps, branding and podcasts.

Our team
Headshot of ISM Company Director, Mark Brandis
Mark Brandis
Director, Sound Designer and Composer

Mark has been influential in the advertising industry over the last 20 years, with an impressive career in post-production sound and composition. A sound engineering graduate from the prestigious SAE College, Sydney, Mark is renowned for his work in post-production audio and music. He loves exploring new ideas and creating interesting new concepts, integrating his love for meditation, nature and philosophy into his work. 

David Petrie
Sound Designer and Composer

Dave joined ISM Studios in 2021, where he uses his talents in composing and performing to produce incredible work. His intuitive mind allows him to understand all the elements of music and how they work together, giving him a platform to excel in his role as a Sound Engineer.

Headshot of ISM Sound Designer and Composer, David Petrie
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